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about our homemade goodies

  • What is the difference between jams & chutneys?
    The difference is that a jam is sweet and a chutney is savoury. Although as one may prefer they may both be used either way.
  • Do you use pectine to preserve your produce?
    The only pectine used is the natural pectine found in the local fruits and vegetables I use. Unfortunately I would need to include a minimal amount of sugar in the recipes as this helps further preserve the produce.
  • Are all flavours available all year round?
    Since the produce is seasonal and homemade, I produce a good stock of jars however if they run out I won't be able to produce more until the fruits are in season again the following year.
  • Do you have a shop where we can come and see available flavours?
    Although I don't have a shop, you can view my full range of flavours at the Birgu Blue Boutiqe shop in Birgu or else message me directly if you want to enquire about a specific flavour.
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