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doing our part

healthy eating

unlike commercially produced jams and chutneys, with love from our kitchen uses no artificial additives. the only processed ingredient used is a minimal ammount

of sugar which when combined with the natural pectin found in fruits

helps preserve the products for a minimum of 2 years. it’s as genuine and

wholesome as it gets while also being lactose and gluten free as well as 100% vegan.

farm to fork EU directive

with love from our kitchen follows the EU farm to fork directive which encourages sustainable sourcing of produce, fair food trading systems direct from armers

and reducing food waste. we feel that since we get fruit for our products directly from neighbours or friends who don’t consume produce from their trees or from local

farmers. we're doing the best we can to make the local food chain sustaiable.



to date we’ve created around 40 different jams & chutneys all using unique combinations of local seasonal herb, fruits and vegetables all promising a flavour for everyone’s

palettes. the marriage of unusual complimentary flavours is in fact one of the main

reasons why clients keep remembering our brand and returning to our stall at markets.

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