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Our Story 


a little introduction 

i’m Andrea Critien, founder of


a wife, mother, full time hr & office manager and jam producer in my relaxation time.over the past decade i’ve been producing jams and chutneys using only locally grown fruits,

veg and herbs using literally no additives or artificial ingredients;

just a minimum amount of sugar to preserve them for up to 2 years, and then selling these successfully at artisan markets across the island.

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how it started 

after the birth of my second child i had stopped working and during my daily walks around the village where i live i often noticed the huge amount of fruit left hanging on the trees which would eventually go to waste.

this inspired me to try my hands at transforming otherwise wasted fruit into jams instead; pure fruit jams for my children with no additives or colouring.

i then started giving out these jams as presents to our daughter’s teachers and the feedback was always greatly encouraging and this spurred me on.

by then, i began working for a friend who organized malta’s first artisan market

and she encouraged me to participate which meant my little business needed

a name; since all the family lends a hand in the process, from sourcing the fruit,

to cutting it, marketing the product and passionately preparing them, my family

and I thought that the mostfitting name should be

‘With Love from Our Kitchen’. and so it began.

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